Home, Sundered Home

Hello! And welcome to my little slice of the chaos called the cloud. I have created this site in an effort to chronicle my failures in bot building! Hence the .FAIL! It is inevitable in building that something will break. But, by putting up build logs and event reports, the hope is to learn from each endeavour so the next reaches new heights. Since I’m actually thinking of branching out from the antweight class that I’ve been in, I figured a site might help to keep things organized. So here it is. Hopefully it helps someone either by avoiding a pitfall I made, or by using a link I post on where to buy something. Though I’ll certainly not be as polished as many of the other sites that have been running for much time now! Another .FAIL!


But yes, welcome, peruse and enjoy. This should be kept fairly well up to date, but no promises on that front. Just hopes and dreams. Perhaps some nightmares…