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Welcome! Would you like to read about my personal trials and tribulations? My zigging when I should zag? My preternatural luck to always be just shy of drawing the winning card? Then read on my fearless fellows!



Well, not on the site, but for the site. All kinds of WordPress goodies since I last checked this thing out. I’m still trying to figure out where the Ambisinster build diary went off to. But I think that the gallery feature is missing? I don’t know, I’ll keep poking around and hopefully get it back up and running. I do like having actual reports, and will once I begin work once more. But I also think that a step by step picture reference works pretty well. But if one won’t work, I can always just amp up the other!

What has been going on as of late with me? Not a whole bunch. Working far too many hours and getting paid not nearly as much as the work I put in. But that’s common. I do have a business venture that I have begun looking into which may change things up a bit. We shall see where it all goes. Rabbit holes abound! Or are they gopher holes? I go for alot.

I am still attempting to set many things up behind the framework here. Learning as I go. Gotta add in categories and what not. Not precisely sure how it all goes together and fits the pieces. I’m sure there are YouTube videos out there, but I learn best by books or doing. Watching and trying to recreate doesn’t translate well for me for whatever reason. But if you can type up a how to, I can follow it and be up and running in no time. I just don’t feel like spending the money to buy a good WordPress book to learn about it. Personal downfall. Anyways, stay tuned and hopefully I can toss more important and interesting things up on this site in the near future. This summer I’d like to have it humming at 100% and give me the ability to start sharing some of the projects I’ve had going on. Hey, maybe I can even get one of them done!


PROGRESS! (minimal)

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Work in Progress

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow degenerates. Welcome to the new site. I took the plunge, figured it would be worth it. I’d also like to put my musings and attempts to create things online somewhere so they aren’t just in my head. Maybe someone can learn something. Maybe I can learn from myself. Who knows!

This is very much a work in progress. It may change shapes between now and later. I don’t know. I’m fairly happy with it as it sits and may just run with it though. I will be making another one of these posts to talk about the previous event I went to, MassDestruction the 5th. I want to show the shell that was 3d printed for me and how things worked out. So there will be that incoming. I’ll talk about what I figure works and what doesn’t. If there are any questions, I’ll have to forward them on. I didn’t create the shell, I gave the measurements and the inspiration. But Jamison Go created the actual final product. Which worked AWESOME in my opinion. But more on that later, along with pictures!

I do have a bit up on AmbiSinister and a start to a build diary for the current version. I will be adding a couple more bots I’m hoping to get working on before the next event I make. We shall see.

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