Well, not on the site, but for the site. All kinds of WordPress goodies since I last checked this thing out. I’m still trying to figure out where the Ambisinster build diary went off to. But I think that the gallery feature is missing? I don’t know, I’ll keep poking around and hopefully get it back up and running. I do like having actual reports, and will once I begin work once more. But I also think that a step by step picture reference works pretty well. But if one won’t work, I can always just amp up the other!

What has been going on as of late with me? Not a whole bunch. Working far too many hours and getting paid not nearly as much as the work I put in. But that’s common. I do have a business venture that I have begun looking into which may change things up a bit. We shall see where it all goes. Rabbit holes abound! Or are they gopher holes? I go for alot.

I am still attempting to set many things up behind the framework here. Learning as I go. Gotta add in categories and what not. Not precisely sure how it all goes together and fits the pieces. I’m sure there are YouTube videos out there, but I learn best by books or doing. Watching and trying to recreate doesn’t translate well for me for whatever reason. But if you can type up a how to, I can follow it and be up and running in no time. I just don’t feel like spending the money to buy a good WordPress book to learn about it. Personal downfall. Anyways, stay tuned and hopefully I can toss more important and interesting things up on this site in the near future. This summer I’d like to have it humming at 100% and give me the ability to start sharing some of the projects I’ve had going on. Hey, maybe I can even get one of them done!


PROGRESS! (minimal)

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