Main Guy


My name is Mike or Buzzy. I’ll hopefully be the guy updating this site here. I began team Damned by Design and am currently the sole member. My father helps out at events a bit, but he’s not big on electronics. Old school. I’ve kinda blended his old school with the new school. I went to two colleges, both technical schools. I have an associates degree in Computer Programming from NEIT and a certificate from UTI for automotive technology. I cud be a tech-a-nican!

I currently work too hard managing a parts department at an Arborist store. It’s good work and funds my projects. I probably try getting involved in far too damn much, but we all gotta have a hobby. Or two. Or hundreds. Some of the things I dabble in :

  • Combat Robotics
  • Semi Professional Football
  • Writing
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Building my own furniture
  • Renaissance Faires
  • Computer Programming
  • Rebuilding old motorcycles

So yeah, I tend to try and keep myself occupied. I decided to put this site up to try and document the crap that I do and the things I learn from it. I’m scrounging off old phones and hard drives recently and if I can find pictures of previous projects, we’ll get them put up on here for people to see. Currently the comments should be closed, though I may open them up as I wouldn’t mind some discussion going on about things. I just don’t know if I am able to properly police the site and make sure that everything remains on the up and up with all the crap and robots out there that have figured out how to really screw with open forums and what not.


Regardless! Welcome. Settle in. Enjoy. Hopefully this site documents my many failed attempts at creating functioning things but having a fantastic time.